About us

In 1986, after a period of thinking, I started to build my first fucking machine. As a graduated mechanical engineer, I have always had more to do with erotica than the average person. For me, a nice combination.

All in all, it took more than two years to complete the machine. On the one hand because it had to be done as a kind of hobby next to my working life, on the other hand because it was difficult to find the suitable parts for my designs.

About us

There were also no (or few) examples of machines at that time. The current technology of converting the rotational movement of the motor into a linear stroke movement had not yet been discovered. We still have old unfinished designs and parts of machines based on pneumatics and linear converters.

After a lot of private fun with our machine, I started looking for allies and came into contact with the film industry. At that time, say the nineties, the film industry was already making films on video with fucking machines, the internet hype was not there yet. I sent a number of blueprints to film producers in the US and the company Macchina Pioggio was born out of that.

About us

From our own workshop, a number of professionals built many beautiful machines that we still see today on the internet.

About us

Around the turn of the century, we received more and more requests from consumers at home and abroad for fucking machines. We could not meet this demand because the prices (especially the costs) of our machines were far too high. At that time, we decided to have our designs manufactured, mainly in China. These machines do not look at all like the machines we sell now, but it has led to many satisfied customers, pleasant contacts and the start of consumer sales. Our first website was also designed in that time.

About us

About us

Now, many years later, the fucking machine is no longer an unknown product. There are many companies offering various fucking machines. We do have the most extensive range of machines, partly imported, partly self-produced. And in this commodity market, Macchina Pioggio fulfils more and more an advisory function. Because of the multiplicity of supply, it is not always easy to make the right choice.

Not every machine is suitable for every purpose. And a purchase of hundreds of euros with high expectations is very frustrating.

macchina pioggio

Because of our company’s experience, we can offer good advice as well as good prices and help you make the right choice.
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